Here supply some package pictures of hydraulic seals

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  • 2.FAQ


    1. Your products materials are imported or domestic?

      Answer: All PU&NBR are imported from Germany and Japan

    2. How do you make sure your products edge smooth?

      Answer: We have Auto edge handling machine technology. 

    3. How long will ship the goods?

      Answer: It depends on your order details.General,it takes 10-15 days.

    4. Warranty?

      Answer: As we don't know where to use, working temperature,working pressure,working environment,medium and so on.So we can't confirm it.

    5. What price you always quote?

      Answer: FOBNINGBO,US Dollars

    6. All sizes are available?

      Answer: Yes,we are factory.We have tools for all sizes,and most of them have large stocks in warehouse.

    7. Do you have double acting compact piston seals?

      Answer: Yes,model name is DAS compact piston seals or double acting piston seals.

    8. All samples are available for test?

      Answer: Most of them have stocks.If no,it takes a short time to make it for you.And we supply samples free for you,but shipment fee should be on your side.

    9. Are you hydraulic seals manufacturer?

      Answer: Yes,we are factory,not trade company.

    10. When was your company established?

      Answer: Since 2007.We have more than 10years' experience in Hydraulic seals filed.

    11. Where is your company location?

      Answer: Yueqing City,Zhejiang,China 325604

    12. What's your main products?


    Compact seal DAS
    DAS compact piston seals orange
    DAS compact seal
    DAS double acting piston seal
    DAS oil seals
    DAS piston seal
    DAS seal
    DAS compact piston seals
    double acting piston seals
    u-ring rod seals
    hydraulic piston seal
    hydraulic rod seals
    rod and piston seals
    piston and rod seals
    piston and rod U seals
    blue hydraulic UN seals
    hydraulic rod and piston seals
    UN piston rod seal
    UN hydraulic seals
    hydraulic U seal
    hydraulic seal UN
    UPH hydraulic seal
    UN seals
    USH seals
    UPH NBR seal
    UPH seals
    rod u-seals
    polyurethane piston rod oil seals
    PU piston rod oil seals
    china supplier PU seal
    rod seal
    piston seal for hydraulic cylinder
    piston u-seals
    piston rod ok seal
    china hydraulic seal
    hydraulic cylinder seal
    wiper seal for hydraulic cylinder
    hydraulic wiper seals
    hydraulic oil gaskets
    ODU oil seals
    hydraulic PU seal ODU
    hydraulic IDU seals
    IDU oil seals
    hydraulic IDU seals
    hydraulic oil seals
    EU rod seals
    Pneumatic rod seals
    EU pneumatic seals
    Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals
    Pneumatic seals EU
    LBH Hydraulic dust seal
    LBH oil seals
    LBH seals
    Wiper seal LBH
    LBH Type Hydraulic Cylinder Seal 
    Hydraulic dust seal
    J type seals
    Polyurethane Wiper Seal
    wiper seals
    DHS seals
    DHS dust seals
    DHS oil seals
    DHS Hydraulic dust seal
    piston and rod buffer seals
    rod step seals
    hydraulic cylinder rod seals
    buffer seals
    glyd seal
    piston glyd ring

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