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DKB Dust (Wiper) seals, also known as scraper seals, they are often used together with other sealing components to let a ram rod pass through the inner bore of a seal, while preventing leakage.DKB is a wiper with a metal framework which usd in hydraulic applications to obstruct all kinds of negative foreign particles to go into the cylinders. The skeleton is like the steel bars in the concrete member, which acts as a reinforcement and enables the oil seal to maintain its shape and tension.Wiper seals are extremely important in ensuring that outside contaminants are kept out of hydraulic operating systems.Standardized with the materials of high performance NBR/FKM 70 shore A and Metal case.

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The DKB/DKBI skeleton dust seal is specially used to prevent the entry of external dust, dirt, particles and metal debris, which can effectively protect the equipment and maintain the performance of the seal, protect the metal sliding , and prolong the service life of the seal. . The outer frame has a larger outer diameter to ensure a reliable tight fit in the installation groove wipers work in conjunction with rod seals to form the first line of defense in protecting a system and keeping it free from dirt, mud, water, dust, sand, and virtually anything else.Wiper seals are typically used on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, as well as telescopic suspension forks for motorcycles and bicycles.All our seals are packed and sealed at the point of manufacture to ensure the highest quality. They are stored out of sunlight and kept in a temperature controlled environment until dispatch.


Material:TPU+Metal Clad
Hardness:90-95 Shore A

Technical Data

Operation conditions
Temperature range: -35~+100℃
Max speed: ≤1m/s
Max pressure:≤31.5MPA


- High abrasion resistance
- Suitable for the most severe working conditions.
- Widely applicable
- Easy installation
- Compression deformation is small

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