How to choose the seal you need?

As a small spare parts for many products, machines and equipment, seals plays an important role. If you choose the wrong seal, the whole machine may get damaged. It is essential to know each type seal true properties if you want to use the right ones. So you can get the correct size seal with relevant material seals based on the cylinder you used.

How to choose a right seal? Please focus on the seal design and material selection.

The first thing is temperature, some material can be used in extremely high temperature circumstance, some can not. For example, the PU material seal usage temperature range is from -35 degree to +100 degree, the NBR material seal usage temperature range is from -30 Celsius degree to +100 Celsius degree, the viton material seal usage temperature range is from -25 Celsius degree to +300 Celsius degree. So the temperature resistance in different material seal is different.

The second factor is the pressure situations, some seals can not work in the high-pressure circumstance. You need know the range of operating fluid system pressure, as well as frequency and severity of pressure peaks. In most applications, you need get to know the seal need subject to which concrete pressures.

The third factor is the fluid and viscosity used in the system, the seals we used need stand up to liquids or prevent fluids passing. We need check if the media is mineral oil based or water based.

So before selecting a material or type of seal, make sure you know precisely what fluids will be present in the system, the temperature range that can occur, and how much pressure might be exerted.

Besides, you need know the dimensions of the seal or the rod piston diameters, the groove size etc , and the application of the cylinder is also important information.

Do you have questions about the different specifications for your sealing solution? Please contact us, INDEL seals will offer you professional guidance.

Post time: Jul-12-2023