YXD Hydraulic seals – Piston seals – YXD ODU type

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ODU piston seal works very widely in hydraulic cylinders, it has shorter outer sealing lip. It is designed especially for piston applications.

ODU Piston seals are work to seal in fluid, thus preventing the flow of fluid across the piston, allowing pressure to build up on one side of the piston.

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ODU Piston seal is a lip-seal which fits tightly in the groove.It is applicable to all kinds of construction machinery and hydraulic mechanical cylinders with high temperature, high pressure, and other harsh conditions.

When using ODU piston seals, there is usually no backup ring. When the working pressure is greater than 16MPa, or when the clearance is large due to the eccentricity of the moving pair, place a backup ring on the support surface of the sealing ring to prevent the sealing ring from being squeezed into the clearance and causing early damage to the sealing ring. When the sealing ring is used for static sealing, the backup ring can not be used.

Installation: axial clearance shall be adopted for such seals, and integral piston can be used. In order to avoid damage to the sealing lip, measures shall be taken to avoid sharp edge materials during installation.


Hardness:90-95 Shore A
Color: Blue、Green

Technical Data

Operation conditions
Pressure: ≤31.5 Mpa
Media:Hydraulic oils (Mineral oil-based).


-High resistance to high temperature.
-High abrasion resistance
-Low compression set.
-Suitable for the most severe working
-Easy installation.

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