BSF Hydraulic seals – Piston seals – Double acting piston seal

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The BSF/GLYD RING works perfectly as double acting piston seals of hydraulic components, it is a combination of a PTFE ring and NBR o ring. It is produced with an interference fit which together with the squeeze of the o ring ensures a good sealing effect even at low pressure. Under higher pressures, the o ring is energized by the fluid, pushing the glyd ring against the sealing face with increased force.

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This design is suitable up to a pressure of 400 bar in double acting cylinders. The advantages compared with other sealing systems are linear velocity reaching at 5 m/s, non-stick slip feature in long static use, low friction endurance, durability against high temperatures and big variety of chemical liquids, providing piston as one part and small. By using O-ring, used as pressure ring, in different combinations it is possible to solve all sorts of problems.

BSF seal could use for the application of high pressure, low pressure, double-acting reciprocating machinery industry, injection molding machine industry, metallurgical industry, the press industry, engineering machinery oil cylinder factory.


Slide ring part: bronze filled PTFE
O ring part: NBR or FKM
Color: Golden/Green/Brown
Hardness:90-95 Shore A

Technical Data

Operation conditions
(Depending on O-Ring Material)
Media:almost all media. Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, barely flammable hydraulic fluids, water, air and others


- High abrasion resistance
- Low frictional resistance
- Excellent performance of sliding
- No stick-slip effect when starting for smooth operation
- Minimum static and dynamic friction coefficient for a
- minimum energy loss and operation temperature
- No adhesive effect to the mating surface during long period of inactivity or storage
- Easy installation.
- Static sealing performance is very good
- Wide using temperature range,high chemical stability

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