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EU rod sea l/ wiper for piston rods in pneumatic cylinders combines three functions which is sealing, wiping and fixing. Produced by injection moulding technique with the good quality PU material, the EU pneumatic seals perform an absolute sealing with dynamic nutring sealing lips and its joint dust lips. It is provided to be easily assemblied into special design open seal housing, Being used safely for all pneumatic cylinders.

The EU Pneumatic seal is a self retaining rod/wiper seal for pneumatic cylinder piston rods. It simultaneously operates the three functions of wiping, sealing and fixing. The sealing lip is geometrically designed to work in oil, air, and vacuum, and made from a synthetic rubber that offers longevity. The geometry of the sealing lip maintains initial lubrication and therefore has excellent friction characteristics, whilst fitting tightly into the groove will ensure reliable operation.


Material: PU
Hardness: 88-92 Shore A
Color: Blue and green

Technical Data

Temperature: -35℃ to + 80℃
Pressure: ≤1.6Mpa
Speed: ≤1.0m/s
Media: Air(Lubrication free, pressurized dry air)


- No danger of corrosion.
- No dust corners.
- Low friction values and high length of operation.
- Suitable for use in dry as well as oil-free air after initial assembly lubrication.

The EU sealing ring is a two-way dustproof dual-purpose sealing ring on the axis. It is mainly used for the sealing and dustproof of the cylinder piston rod. It also has a fixed function. The material of the EU pneumatic sealing ring can be made of polyurethane PU, nitrile rubber NBR, and fluororubber FKM. It has the characteristics of low friction and high service life and good heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for engineering machinery such as cylinders and bearings. It has simple installation, good pressure resistance and wider temperature range

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